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QL200 PIC development system link

by shedboy71

I bought the QL200 PIC development board a long time ago, its a great resource.

This is the board

1) Switch between power supply thru USB or external power supply.
2) 128*64LCD and 16*2 LCD module
3) 32 LEDs are provided.
4) 4×4 matrix keyboard module
5) 8 buttons are provided.
6) Potentionmeters for simulating analog voltage input.
7) IIC (24C01/02 EEPROM)communication module
8) SPI (93C46 EEPROM)communication module
9) Real Time Clock DS1302 . 
(Battery is not included)
10) Reset circuit.
11) ICD2 connector for customers who want to use it.
12) On-board programming module (USB Communication)
13) Chip socket and system clock selection
14) Digital LED display with 6bit 7-segment
15) Remote control receiver and decoder module
16) Digital thermometer DS1820 for temperature measurement from -55°C to 125°C.
17) Beeper experimental module
18) RS-232 communication for connection with a PC or any other device with a DB9 connector
19) Serial 10-bit voltage DA (TLC5615) converter for applications in measure – regulating devices.
20) All pins are taken out on IDC10 connectors to make them available for further connections.
21) Stepper Motor Driver Module
22) SD/MMC card Read/Write Module
23) Free Chip PIC16F877A-I/P

The point of this post is that on my Github site I have started pulling together the resources, if like me you lose CDs or downloads or the archive site goes down then this can be a frustration.




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