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Cornell University ECE 4760 Designing with Microcontrollers Final Projects 2015

by shedboy71

These were the 2015 entries that used a PIC32MX250 microprocessor with MPLABX/GCC

I encourage anyone interested to visit the links, there are in depth discussions, articles, images, schematics , code and links for various projects,

A great learning resource for anyone with access to the PIC32MX250 microprocessor and good for stimulating ideas for new projects

Projects list

  1. Shaft vibration analysis (video)

  1. FIR Filter design and use (video)

  1. Wireless Biometric Pen Drive (video)

  1. GPS navigation for runners
  2. Capacitive touch piano (video)

  1. Glove keyboard typing (video1video2)
  2. Glove sketch (video)

  1. iClicker-to-cellphone interface (video)

  1. Wake_U_Up (video)

  1. Barcode scanner


  1. Hand Sign Lock (video)

  1. Physical Blitz Chess Board (video)

  1. Speech Recognition Eye Test (video)

  1. Blimp-F-O (video)

  1. RGB LED Matrix Clock (video)

  1. Visual, biofeedback, EEG (video)

  1. Laser Duel (video1video2)

  1. MIDI Synthesizer (video)

  1. Skiing Performance Logger (video)

  1. Audio Modem over radio (video)

  1. Real Time Audio Compression


  1. Music Transcription (video)

  1. Button piano (video)

  1. BSD UNIX on PIC32


  1. Balancing robot (video)

  1. Balancing robot (video)

  1. Medibot car (video)

  1. Sound navigation hat (video1video2)

  1. Bluetooth controlled Guitar effects
  2. Instrument-Based Color Sonification (video)

  1. Blood pressure from IR (video)

  1. Smart watch
  2. Poultry activity monitor
  3. Voice Recognition Alarm Clock
  4. Tracking Car
  5. 2D plotter
  6. Equalizer and Adaptive Noise Cancellation

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